Drowning in Credit Card Debt SUCKS!

Posted: 20th October 2011 by admin in Situations

Having a credit card makes our lives easier because it allows us to buy things when we don’t want to carry money around or when we don’t have money on hand especially in times of emergency. And because of that, we tend to forget that nothing in this world is for free so we buy, and buy, and buy, and buy some more, also forgetting that having credit card debt sucks. Life is great when our little plastic friend grants our every whim.

And then one day the credit card statement comes in and it suddenly feels like you are experiencing a major hangover. You desperately try to remember when and why you purchased some of the stuff listed on your credit card statement and the figures are nauseating and you are thinking: shit, this sucks ass! And then there’s the interest rate.

Now you have got to pay off your debt at least a minimum amount every month. But wait, it seems like nothing is happening and… is it…?

Yes, chances are your debt hasn’t budged at all or you get even deeper into credit card debt and soon you will most likely be buried alive by it. Talk about death by debt. And here is why:

So get smart and stop paying only the minimum. Doesn’t that figure at the end make you want to kill yourself?

BTW I love this Mastercard commercial rocks!

Rush Hour Traffic Sucks

Posted: 20th October 2011 by admin in Situations

Rush hour traffic sucks and there’s no arguing that, but it is inevitable. It happens because shit happens.

Imagine you’re running late for work and as your shitty luck would have it, you get caught in rush hour traffic.  Great!

And you have an important meeting to attend too. Aren’t you one lucky bastard?

We all know – well, drivers at least – how much traffic sucks, especially rush hour traffic. Getting stuck in traffic that moves about an inch every half hour or so could be a real test on someone’s patience; it’s really hard to keep your temper in check when you are stuck in a traffic jam.  Check this dude here in an unbelievable traffic rage!

Yeah really dangerous…

The clock seems to be ticking slowly, you’re bored with nothing to do and as humorous as it is to watch people inside their cars pick their nose or do gross and/or weird things, it gets old really fast and it is just plain disgusting.  Rush hour traffic sucks because it also decreases productivity and the best we could probably do is try to be productive and do as much (or as little) as we can within the small space of our cars. But then we also have this thing called traffic safety.

Crap, there’s really no getting around it, is there? So maybe we’ll settle for listening to the radio while we wait and try hard to get our mind off our leg cramps and the hell that is rush hour traffic. Maybe next time you’ll think about going green and riding a bike to work, hmm?

Why Internet Technical Support Sucks

Posted: 20th October 2011 by admin in Services

Picture this: You’re peacefully browsing the internet away and then suddenly you go offline and can’t seem to get online again. Or worse, some ugly virus creeps its way in your computer. What to do? What to do?!

Unless you’re a computer whiz, you pick that phone up and call your internet technical support to help you solve your problem. But that may as well be useless too because majority of internet technical support sucks. Either they have very little knowledge as to what they are doing, or they have absolutely no clue at all and are practically robots speaking from a script they were required to memorize during training and that the best way they can help you is by asking you to do all the things you have probably already figured you should do; like plugging your computer (DUH?!) or resetting the modem and tedious shit like that.  And if they have exhausted their script and things that could possibly be done, they finally admit defeat by transferring you to someone who might actually be able to help you. Or just flood you with techie words such as power cycle, DNS, TCP/IP, bit rate, etc so you just quit. By now you probably want to reach in the phone and wring the guy’s neck on the other end.

Another reason why internet technical support sucks is the waiting. They make you wait hours on end because according to them, you called during peak hours and that’s why they’re making you wait. For all you know, they’re just purposely making you wait while they finish a game of solitaire; and if it’s really your lucky day, you might even get disconnected from the call while you are being made to wait and have to call back and start hell over again. Yes, internet technical support definitely sucks!

Pedophiles suck… and Twilight too

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Pedophiles suck… and Twilight too

Psychiatric disorder or not, pedophilia and pedophiles suck. For those still living under a rock, pedophilia is a type of sexual deviation wherein an adult creep fantasizes and/or engages in sexual acts with prepubescent children.

How to spot a pedophile:

  • They seem to look like normal people, but they usually sport a pedosmile; something that looks like this:

These pedophiles suck and how about that? They’re both sporting the pedosmile! Elby Jessie Hars (left) is a convicted child sex offender and is still at large. Weldon Marc Gilbert (right) is on trial for raping multitude of young boys and producing child pornography.

  • Pedophiles tend to show unusual interest in children and are usually generous in giving treats or gifts. They also lurk in places full of children, ready to bait innocent kids with candies and stuff.