Drowning in Credit Card Debt SUCKS!

Posted: 20th October 2011 by admin in Situations

Having a credit card makes our lives easier because it allows us to buy things when we don’t want to carry money around or when we don’t have money on hand especially in times of emergency. And because of that, we tend to forget that nothing in this world is for free so we buy, and buy, and buy, and buy some more, also forgetting that having credit card debt sucks. Life is great when our little plastic friend grants our every whim.

And then one day the credit card statement comes in and it suddenly feels like you are experiencing a major hangover. You desperately try to remember when and why you purchased some of the stuff listed on your credit card statement and the figures are nauseating and you are thinking: shit, this sucks ass! And then there’s the interest rate.

Now you have got to pay off your debt at least a minimum amount every month. But wait, it seems like nothing is happening and… is it…?

Yes, chances are your debt hasn’t budged at all or you get even deeper into credit card debt and soon you will most likely be buried alive by it. Talk about death by debt. And here is why:

So get smart and stop paying only the minimum. Doesn’t that figure at the end make you want to kill yourself?

BTW I love this Mastercard commercial rocks!