Rush Hour Traffic Sucks

Posted: 20th October 2011 by admin in Situations

Rush hour traffic sucks and there’s no arguing that, but it is inevitable. It happens because shit happens.

Imagine you’re running late for work and as your shitty luck would have it, you get caught in rush hour traffic.  Great!

And you have an important meeting to attend too. Aren’t you one lucky bastard?

We all know – well, drivers at least – how much traffic sucks, especially rush hour traffic. Getting stuck in traffic that moves about an inch every half hour or so could be a real test on someone’s patience; it’s really hard to keep your temper in check when you are stuck in a traffic jam.  Check this dude here in an unbelievable traffic rage!

Yeah really dangerous…

The clock seems to be ticking slowly, you’re bored with nothing to do and as humorous as it is to watch people inside their cars pick their nose or do gross and/or weird things, it gets old really fast and it is just plain disgusting.  Rush hour traffic sucks because it also decreases productivity and the best we could probably do is try to be productive and do as much (or as little) as we can within the small space of our cars. But then we also have this thing called traffic safety.

Crap, there’s really no getting around it, is there? So maybe we’ll settle for listening to the radio while we wait and try hard to get our mind off our leg cramps and the hell that is rush hour traffic. Maybe next time you’ll think about going green and riding a bike to work, hmm?